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Two Words Made All the Difference: A Chicago Wedding to Remember

Samantha and David said their "I Do" amidst the fading glow of a summer afternoon. Their friends and family were gathered around them, celebrating the joyous nature of their special day. There are few Chicago wedding locations which could have matched the breathtaking splendor of this Saturday in June along the banks of Lake Michigan. It was a luxury wedding, no expense was spared; but yet, it seemed familiar, welcoming. All the guests knew each other, had grown up together, had attended each others' weddings and receptions in many of the picturesque banquet halls in Chicago.


This couple certainly had their choice of wedding venues; but they selected one of the decadent beaches with full view of the Chicago skyline. And not only was their wedding unparalleled, but the reception, situated at a glorious banquet hall, was one of the most exclusive and exciting receptions in the area in the last ten years. The lighting was soft and sweet, the food was rich and exotic - they even had a chocolate fountain, a rare sighting in the world of weddings.


It was also the flower girl's birthday, and the groom, scooping her up into his arms, danced with her around the room.Chicago has seen years of special moments such as these. Teenage girls dancing with their fathers, celebrating their Quinceanera; young girls with smiling faces rejoicing at their Bat Mitzvah. The list is endless.


Samantha and David had been high school sweethearts. They fell in love during their junior year, and said their wedding vows five years later in such a beautiful place. Receptions are a time of celebration and weddings are the beginning of a new story. The lives of two individuals are intertwined together to create one life. And for these two newlyweds, it was one of the most joyous receptions for a very special reason.


David was in the military, and had spent the last two years overseas. And right after he graduated from high school, he had been deployed to the Middle East. Samantha promised to wait for him, but she honestly didn't know if she would ever see him again. About halfway through his contracted time there he had been able to take leave and come back to Illinois to see her. During this week, he proposed to her, promising that as soon as the two years were over, he would enter into the reserves and they could finally be together.


Well, she said yes; and after another year of waiting, he did come back home to her. Two words made all the difference. She said to him: 'I'll Wait," so that by the banks of Lake Michigan they could both say "I do." And with the lights from the candles twinkling around them in this space, and both of them even more in love than ever, they danced their first dance as husband and wife - finally able to be together after years of patiently waiting.